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Design These are design ideas for the interface(s) of various parts of the system. To access and edit  To get read / write access to the wireframes you will need to create a LucidChart account and then be invited to join the group. 


Structural Metadata Wireframe Examples

Constrain user access to Avalon Media files based upon time.

Access control / authentication


Faculty / instructor managing course resources

End user accessing materials

Librarian managing items for a professor


First draft (March 2012)



Conceptual approaches to solving the way that various users will experience authentication and access to resources. This includes embedded video playback, management of groups and roles, and states of the system when trying to watch a video.

Associate an item to a class

LTI View 

Ingest and discovery

Methods for finding and adding content to a group if an instructor. This may also include possible search interfaces for researchers, students, or members of the general public who are browsing to see what is available without any restrictions.

Teaching and research

Demonstrations of how to create annotations, manage clips, create personal lockers of content, and use the videos for educational or research purposes in a variety of contexts (classroom, desktop, mobile, etc)

Interface Designs

IU Production Interface