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  • How to Update to Variations 6.3 Client and Server

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  1. Download the Variations_6.3_Server.tar.gz file to /home/dmlserv
  2. First, untar the server update file: tar xvfz Variations_6.3_Server.tar.gz
  3. Then create a symbolic link to the new application directory: rm app; ln -s Variations-6.3 app
  4. Then change directories to the new application directory: cd app
  5. Run the script with the values used for existing install (See instructions here for more information)
  6. Copy server configuration files:
    cp /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.2/conf/server/accessPolicy.xml /home/dmlserv/app/conf/server/
    cp /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.2/conf/server/dmlscript.conf /home/dmlserv/app/conf/server/
    cp /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.2/conf/server/dmlserver.xml /home/dmlserv/app/conf/server/
  7. Update paths in configuration files to use new symlink:
    perl -pi -e 's@/home/dmlserv/Variations-[^/]*@/home/dmlserv/app@' /home/dmlserv/app/conf/server/*.*

  8. Copy vocabularies to new server: cp /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.2/data/vocab/* /home/dmlserv/app/data/vocab/
  9. Copy files used by statistics: cp /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.2/data/statistics/*.txt /home/dmlserv/app/data/statistics/
  10. Copy or merge any other files manually edited in old installation including the user guide (~/Variations-6.12/public_html/use/)
  11. If using CAS authentication, copy cas jars over from old installation: cp /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.2/lib/cas* /home/dmlserv/app/lib/
  12. If using Kerberos authentication, copy krb5.conf over from old installation: cp /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.2/conf/server/krb5.conf /home/dmlserv/app/conf/server/

  13. (Re)start the Variations server application.

  14. If you have the webapps installed, then do the following:
    1. Create the symlink to the access pages: ln -s /home/dmlserv/content/access/audio /home/dmlserv/app/public_html/audio-access
    2. Follow the instructions here to upgrade the webapps to 6.3





Changed from 6.2 to 6.3


Added support for 6.3* client version

data/ServerLegalNotices.txt, data/legal_notices.html

Changed from 6.2 to 6.3

public_html/userguide/use/apple_download.html, public_html/userguide/use/download.html, public_html/userguide/use/microsoft_download.html

Changed version from 6.2 to 6.3


Changed version from 6.2 to 6.3


Bug fixes and and other changes:
See Variations Release 6.3 for more information.

Windows Client Changes