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The Infrastructure Project will simplify and centralize the basic activities of the Indiana University Digital Library Program, with primary emphasis on the activities of collection creation and collection maintenance. The general need for an infrastructure is clear; this wiki details how we are building one. Specific goals include:

  1. Build a centralized repository system based on Fedora
    1. Support multiple types of search, including federated search
    2. Create a repository preservation systemStore master media files in HPSS, possibly using SRButilizing HPSSfor master file storage and replication
  2. Build tools for creating collections in the repository
    1. General-purpose Image Cataloging ToolApplication, which is the GUI front end for a general-purpose Ingest Tool
    2. General-purpose validation system
    3. General-purpose delivery system
    4. Make all of these tools usable by departments other than the DLP
  3. Move existing/upcoming collections into the new repository
    1. Migrate content out of IBM Content Manager
      1. Move Hohenberger
      2. Move U.S. Steel
      3. Move Hoagy
    2. Maintain parallelism with Evia, even if the repositories stay separate
    3. Support development of IN Harmony
    4. Support development of the new IU Archives Photo Collection
    5. Migrate content out of DLXS
      1. Implement search/browse in the repository
      2. Move searching functionality for all collections that are in the repository
    6. Convert DIDO to DIDO2
    7. Move all other collections into the repository
  4. Improve end-user interaction with our collectionsMove collections to JPEG2000?

The Infrastructure Project Schedule summarizes our current plans to achieve these goals.