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In addition to the descriptive fields, there is one supported operational field, Publish (default: false) for which a value of "True" will cause the newly ingested media object to be published immediately after ingestare two supported operational fields:

  •  Publish
    • Whether the item should be automatically published after ingest.
    • Default is "No".
    • To trigger auto-publishing, enter value of "Yes".
  • Hidden
    • Whether the item will appear in search/browse results for end users. Use this field to prevent users from discovering extra-restricted items.
    • Default is "No".
    • To trigger hiding, enter value of "Yes".
    • Hidden items will still appear in search/browse results for those with ingest privileges.


The batch ingest process will verify that the package is complete (i.e., all content files specified in the manifest are present and not open by any other processes) before attempting to ingest it. If the package is incomplete, it will be skipped and returned to on a subsequent pass.