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    • Required (automatic); not repeatable.
    • This field is automatically updated with the username of the user who last modified this record in Photocat.
    • Required; not repeatable.
    • Shows the status of the Photocat record. Besides being used internally to track the status of a metadata record for an item, the status field is also tied to the public-facing web application to determine whether a particular record is public. Status fields are defined as:
      • auto-generated: initial submission (you can't save a modified record with this status)
      • in progress: indicates a record is being worked on and should not be published
      • minimal: published, but has the minimal amount of metadata necessary
      • pending completion: some checks may be necessary, but published
      • cataloged: metadata is complete - published
  • TITLE 
    • Required; not repeatable.
    • This field represents the "title" of an item. A title is a cataloger-assigned one-line description of the item meant to describe or identify it as concisely as possible. If the item has identifying text written on the back of it or beneath it which may not serve as a general purpose title, consider using Caption for that text (which has a more specific meaning) and having the cataloger assign a more consistent or useful title in this field. By default, this field will be rendered with the label "Title" and a single line input box. For best use, titles should typically be brief (10 or fewer words) but be sufficient to describe this item to someone who cannot view the thumbnail image.
    • Examples: folding fan; Warrick and Spencer Counties soil map; Bobo the magician
    • Not required; repeatable.
    • This is any topic that is the subject of the photograph. Typically topics are constrained to a source vocabulary when included in collection configurations. The data format retains information about the source of the term which may make values entered as topics more specific (since "topic" is pretty vague). It is NOT recommended to use this field type without including a controlled vocabulary source, and supplying a clearer display label and usage notes. This is the primary core field to identify subject. If additional, more specific subjects exist, such as geographical subject, it is possible to use other subject field types within Photocat. However, this is the recommended field for subject and the field that will be shared across Photocat/ICO collections and with external aggregators. For consistency within a single collection and across collections, please use a controlled vocabulary, such as the Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials - Subject Terms (TGM I) and/or Genre & Physical Characteristic Terms (TGM II), and/or Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

    • Not required; not repeatable.
    • The state or province featured in the photograph. In this case, "state" is meant as a subdivision of a politically recognized country rather than in the historical sense (like nation state). The state should refer to the object of interest. Collections can decide whether that would be the subject of an image or the actual item being pictured. For consistency within a single collection and across collections, please use a controlled vocabulary, such as the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN).
    • Examples: Idaho; British Columbia; Limpopo Province; Queensland