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Notes about what source control systems we use and how we use them.



  • Strictly branch on each JIRA ticket and merge back to master when completed
  • Create version release branches when preparing for a release (major or minor not bugfix), when done tag and merge any missing changes to master
  • For bugfix releases, make changes in necessary branch and then tag and merge any missing and applicable changes to master
  • This is similar to A Successful Git Branching Modelbut with some differences.  We might be able to use git-flow if we want to.

Do we have a naming convention for the branches? There was some discussion about using the ticket name but I can't remember if there ever any resolution.


  • If necessary, we can convert a SVN repository to git and push it to github, but let's avoid it if possible.


  • Do we need to use Subversion for anything?  Let's try to avoid it.

I personally don't see the need for Subversion unless there is some legacy project we wind up committing to that is still on SVN. For everything we create git is fine.