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This documentation is current for Release 6.14. For the 5

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Managing Content

Manual Creation

  1. An Avalon item is created every time you choose the Create menu even if you do not associate any media or metadata with the item. Once the Create Item button is clicked, there is no way to cancel the item from being created.

  2. Items can be published without adding any media to them. To keep them hidden, edit the item and then, on the Preview page, click "Unpublish" at the top of the item.

Deleting Content

  1. Deleting an item with 100 sections does not successfully remove all sections of the item - #1989

Batch Ingest

  1. The confirmation email sent upon a successful batch ingest displays raw CSS text at the bottom - #2101
  2. Batch ingest sometimes picks up wrong files intermittently or returns an unrelated job's metadata - #2145


  • For multi-section items, thumbnails can only be selected from the first section - #1738
  • , Editing, Deletion

    1. Editors are unable to edit collection information - #2083
    2. After saving the Manage Files page without uploading any files, attempting to upload files later results in an error - #2387
    3. Creating large, multi-file media objects using the dropbox interface times out - #2801
    4. Updating collection information deletes additional managers - #2994

    Batch Ingest

    1. When a master file is moved during a batch ingest, the batch fails - #2310
    2. Batch ingest is not working in AWS - #2435
    3. Failed ingest email takes too long to reach the user - #2767
    4. 100-item batch ingest fails - #2922

    Bulk Actions

    1. Selected items are cleared from the Manage Selected Objects page after moving them to a new collection - #2437


    1. Creating a thumbnail for an item without a poster image generates an error - #2093


    1. Opening a playlist item in a new tab returns an error page - #1641
    2. The Thumbnail button in the media player does not work in Safari - #2959


    1. Using Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge, items cannot be moved between playlists in the Edit Playlist page - #2121
    2. In some configurations of Chrome and Flash, playlists items cannot be reordered - #1768
    3. Adding multiple playlist items from a section structure header places "null" in their description instead of an empty string - #2689
    4. Playlists lose the ability to sort when one of the items is a deleted item - #2824
    5. Adding items to playlists using the 'Add to Playlist' icon in the section panels appends 'null' to the title - #2740

    Item Access

    1. An unpublished item with a lease to a user for a specific date can still be found by the user through browsing or searching - #1686
    2. When acting as a depositor, the "Save and Continue" button in the Access Controls page does not direct the user forward to the Preview page - #2084Published but hidden items with a lease to a user or a group still appear to the user though browsing or searching - #2388
    3. Items in the "Selected Items" list do not disappear and are still available to a user after a lease ends - #1701
    4. Item lease with a date range assigned to an IP address gives access to the item even beyond the date range - #2081
    5. In an Avalon instance integrated with a directory service, users are unable to be added to special access for items - #2896

    Avalon Media Player


    1. Scrolling or dragging the timeline bar to the end of a video causes the video to continuously load
    2. When Chrome is set so that Flash needs to ask before running, Avalon does not ask to run flash; instead, Chrome just fails to run - #1948


    1. For video navigation and playback of structured segments, links jump to the closest previous keyframe boundary (keyframes are every two seconds for any Avalon transcoded materials) which can result in the previous structure link being played and highlighted until the player catches up to the correct time offset.  
    2. If you are using the AMS streaming server on any desktop platform - from a paused player state, clicking the first segment link (only after a later time offset is selected) does not register. You must click it twice for it to register the correct time offset. This is an issue with RTMP playback on AMS and will be addressed in Release 5.
    3. If you are using the Red5 streaming server on any desktop platform, the player will not update to a current still image in pause mode. It will display the poster image instead.
    4. If you are using an Android or iPhone device, seeking prior to playback displays the poster image rather than a still of the current point in the video. Once playback is started, the video plays normally.
    5. Volume adjust icon does not display in certain configurations of Chrome running on a Windows machine - #1647


  • In certain configurations of Chrome, the media player cannot be accessed using the TAB button on the keyboard
    1. - #1684
    2. In some configurations of Chrome on Windows, video load fails and the page needs a refresh in order to load properly - #1633
    3. When the last video in a playlist finishes, the player does not return to its default state - #971
    4. Clicking on a marker beyond the end of a playlist item clip starts the item over again - #2186
    5. On iOS, autoplay does not always automatically start playback for playlists items that have new sources - #2611
    6. Playback doesn't work in Firefox + Linux - #2857 
    7. Selecting a playback quality causes playback to restart at the beginning when using Android - #2876
    8. Internet Explorer 11 has navigation issues with multi-section items and with playlists - #2827
    9. Seeking while paused causes the poster and spinner to remain until play is selected - #2826
    10. MEJS React IIIF Player does not render upon the first load of a work - #180
    11. The track scrubber does not work within Safari - #2960
    12. The track scrubber may behave appropriate if structural metadata is undefined #3047


    1. The media player does not resize when a scroll bar is added to the window - #2215
    2. While using Edge, the volume adjust bar is trimmed short on both top and bottom - #2122
    3. The video end time displays incorrectly at first when launching Avalon on a mobile device - #1689
    4. Switching between tracks in a multi-section piece occasionally causes the previous track to remain highlighted - #1109
    5. On multiple-section items, highlighting on the scrubber lags behind a section - #2602
    6. Enabling or disabling the small scrubber cancels fullscreen mode abruptly - #2531
    7. Hovering over the audio icon in the audio player causes the quality and playlists icons to move out of alignment - #1762
    8. The playlist index table is not adapted for responsive design - #2389
    9. The scrubber bar disappears/does not work at various times when using Android - #2875, #2748
    10. After selecting a playback quality in Android, the quality selector does not disappear - #2874
    11. The zoom scrubber does not load correctly for single-section items with no structural metadata - #2911
    12. Advancing to another section or item cancels fullscreen mode - #2979
    13. Selecting the Add Marker button does not cancel fullscreen - #2978
    14. Within an iFrame, the media player does not resize - #2961


    1. Quality icon does not display within the embedded mejs4 audio player - #2456
    2. Item information icon does not display within the embedded media player of AWS - #2436
    3. In Safari, the text weight in an embedded audio player shifts unexpectedly - #2844
    4. The 'title' attribute in an iframe embed code is encoded incorrectly - #2930


    1. In certain configurations of Firefox, Play/Pause is not accessible with the SPACEBAR


    • Newly created markers do not display their Time value in the tooltip that displays when the mouse cursor is over the marker icon in the media player.
    • Markers toward the end of the video do not align correctly with the time rail.


    1. Auto-advancing between items in a playlist sometimes skips items - #1552
    2. Auto-advance fails to play the next section after switching if the section is of a different type - #2095

    Standalone Media Player

    1. Links to specific sections of an item do not always navigate to the correct point in a recording - #1972
    2. - #1644
    3. Tabbing on "Create Collection" screen can escape the modal scope - #969
    4. User can't change video quality using the keyboard - #2678
    5. Keyboard navigation in Safari does not work properly - #2707
    6. Captions are deselected when moving to different section in Safari. Users need to click the captions button to re-enable captions when a new section starts playing - (more information)

    Standalone Media Player

    1. The time displayed at the end of each minute displays both the 60th second followed by the 0th second; e.g. 2:59, 2:60, 3:00 - #1975


    Delayed Job

    Skip Transcoding

    • When using Adobe Media Server with Avalon, MP3s are unable to be played back in the application if they are uploaded using the skip transcoding option.


    • When performing multiple bibliographic imports where more than one identifier is used, some catalog data will persist, and new data will be appended.

    File Management

    • When using skip transcoding for single or multiple derivatives, Avalon's master file management setting is applied to the highest quality derivative (or single) only. This means that if your application is set to move files to another location (removing them also from the dropbox) then only the highest quality derivative is affected - leaving other two in place.

    User Management

    1. The Manage Groups interface will allow the creation of a group name with embedded (blank) spaces, but sometimes members of that group will not have access to items in the collection. Solution: For now, don't create groups with spaces in the name–use hyphens or underscores.
    2. In the Manage Groups interface it is possible for members of group_managers to delete any Ad Hoc groups even if they are not the group creator. If you do try to delete these groups, you will receive a delete confirmation message.
    3. Renaming a group may remove permissions from collections and items. To fix this problem be sure to reapply any exceptions after the group has been renamed
    4. An unsuccessful login attempt does not direct user back to the homepage with an error message - #2102


    Back to Avalon Collections Guide

    File Management

    1. When a file that is too large is uploaded, an empty master file is created even though an error message is displayed to the user - #1201
    2. Deleting a master file sometimes causes a 500 error - #1392
    3. Some derivative files are unmanaged when set to 'Skip Transcoding' in a batch ingest - #2842

    User Management

    1. A successful login sometimes redirects the user to unexpected pages - #2109
    2. Updating a collection description removes users from staff roles #2994

    User Interface

    1. The Avalon logo and 'expand menu' icon display incorrectly using a small browser window - #2714
    2. Pushing items via Avalon Intercom does not work in some older versions of Microsoft Edge #2883