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Managing Content

Manual Creation, Editing, Deletion

  1. Deleting an item with 100 sections does not successfully remove all sections of the item - #1989
  2. Editors are unable to edit collection information - #2083

Batch Ingest

  1. The confirmation email sent upon a successful batch ingest displays raw CSS text at the bottom - #2101
  2. Batch ingest sometimes picks up wrong files intermittently or returns an unrelated job's metadata - #2145
  3. Batch ingest fails when the email address does not map to an Avalon user - #862
  4. Batch manifests with special characters in text fields creates issues - #2147
  5. After saving the Manage Files page without uploading any files, attempting to upload files later results in an error - #2387
  6. Creating large, multi-file media objects using the dropbox interface times out - #2801
  7. Updating collection information deletes additional managers - #2994

Batch Ingest

  1. When a master file is moved during a batch ingest, the batch fails - #2310
  2. Batch ingest is not working in AWS - #2435
  3. Failed ingest email takes too long to reach the user - #2767
  4. 100-item batch ingest fails - #2922

Bulk Actions

  1. Selected items are cleared from the Manage Selected Objects page after moving them to a new collection - #2437


  1. Creating a thumbnail for an item without a poster image generates an error - #2093


  1. Opening a playlist item in a new tab returns an error page - #1641
  2. The Thumbnail button in the media player does not work in Safari - #2959


  1. Using Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge, items cannot be moved between playlists in the Edit Playlist page - #2121
  2. In some configurations of Chrome with Flash, playlists items cannot be reordered - #1768
  3. "Share by Link" playlists do not display a Copy button for anyone expect the playlist owner - #2333Adding multiple playlist items from a section structure header places "null" in their description instead of an empty string - #2689
  4. Playlists lose the ability to sort when one of the items is a deleted item - #2824
  5. Adding items to playlists using the 'Add to Playlist' icon in the section panels appends 'null' to the title - #2740

Item Access

  1. An unpublished item with a lease to a user for a specific date can still be found by the user through browsing or searching - #1686
  2. Published but hidden items with a lease to a user or a group still appear to the user though browsing or searching - #2388
  3. Items in the "Selected Items" list do not disappear and are still available to a user after a lease ends - #1701
  4. When acting as a depositor, the "Save and Continue" button in the Access Controls page does not direct the user forward to the Preview page - #2084
  5. Item lease with a date range assigned to an IP address gives access to the item even beyond the date range - #2081

Browsing and Searching

  1. Using the Back button after selecting "Clear Selected Items" on the "Manage Selected Items" screen causes a data integrity issue - #1078In an Avalon instance integrated with a directory service, users are unable to be added to special access for items - #2896

Avalon Media Player


  1. Scrolling or dragging the timeline bar to the end of a video causes the video to continuously load - #1684
  2. In some configurations of Chrome on Windows, video load fails and the page needs a refresh in order to load properly - #1633
  3. When the last video in a playlist finishes, the player does not return to its default state - #971
  4. When streaming RTMP audio, playback stops after about 20 minutes and can't be resumed without refreshing the page - #2162
  5. Clicking on a marker beyond the end of a playlist item clip starts the item over again - #2186
  6. On iOS, autoplay does not always automatically start playback for playlists items that have new sources - #2611
  7. Playback doesn't work in Firefox + Linux - #2857 
  8. Selecting a playback quality causes playback to restart at the beginning when using Android - #2876
  9. Internet Explorer 11 has navigation issues with multi-section items and with playlists - #2827
  10. Seeking while paused causes the poster and spinner to remain until play is selected - #2826
  11. MEJS React IIIF Player does not render upon the first load of a work - #180
  12. The track scrubber does not work within Safari - #2960
  13. The track scrubber may behave appropriate if structural metadata is undefined #3047


  1. The media player does not resize when a scroll bar is added to the window - #2215
  2. While using Edge, the volume adjust bar is trimmed short on both top and bottom - #2122
  3. The video end time displays incorrectly at first when launching Avalon on a mobile device - #1689
  4. Switching between tracks in a multi-section piece occasionally causes the previous track to remain highlighted - #1109


  1. In certain configurations of Chrome, the media player cannot be accessed using the TAB button on the keyboard - #1733
  2. In On multiple-section items, highlighting on the scrubber lags behind a section - #2602
  3. Enabling or disabling the small scrubber cancels fullscreen mode abruptly - #2531
  4. Hovering over the audio icon in the audio player causes the quality and playlists icons to move out of alignment - #1762
  5. The playlist index table is not adapted for responsive design - #2389
  6. The scrubber bar disappears/does not work at various times when using Android - #2875, #2748
  7. After selecting a playback quality in Android, the quality selector does not disappear - #2874
  8. The zoom scrubber does not load correctly for single-section items with no structural metadata - #2911
  9. Advancing to another section or item cancels fullscreen mode - #2979
  10. Selecting the Add Marker button does not cancel fullscreen - #2978
  11. Within an iFrame, the media player does not resize - #2961


  1. Quality icon does not display within the embedded mejs4 audio player - #2456
  2. Item information icon does not display within the embedded media player of AWS - #2436
  3. In Safari, the text weight in an embedded audio player shifts unexpectedly - #2844
  4. The 'title' attribute in an iframe embed code is encoded incorrectly - #2930


  1. In certain configurations of Firefox, Play/Pause is not accessible with the SPACEBAR - #1644
  2. Tabbing on "Create Collection" screen can escape the modal scope - #969


  1. Auto-advancing between items in a playlist sometimes skips items - #1552
  2. Auto-advance fails to play the next section after switching if the section is of a different type - #2095User can't change video quality using the keyboard - #2678
  3. Keyboard navigation in Safari does not work properly - #2707
  4. Captions are deselected when moving to different section in Safari. Users need to click the captions button to re-enable captions when a new section starts playing - (more information)

Standalone Media Player

  1. The time displayed at the end of each minute displays both the 60th second followed by the 0th second; e.g. 2:59, 2:60, 3:00 - #1975


  1. The title of an embedded video displays the section title, but links to the media object, not the section - #2096


File Management

  1. When a file that is too large is uploaded, an empty master file is created even though an error message is displayed to the user - #1201
  2. Deleting a master file sometimes causes a 500 error - #1392

User Management

  1. An unsuccessful login attempt does not direct user back to the homepage with an error message - #2102
  2. Accessing Avalon within an LTI iFrame doesn't always login the user - #2319
  3. Some derivative files are unmanaged when set to 'Skip Transcoding' in a batch ingest - #2842

User Management

  1. A successful login sometimes redirects the user to unexpected pages - #2109

Back to Avalon Collections Guide

  1. Updating a collection description removes users from staff roles #2994

User Interface

  1. The Avalon logo and 'expand menu' icon display incorrectly using a small browser window - #2714
  2. Pushing items via Avalon Intercom does not work in some older versions of Microsoft Edge #2883