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This documentation is current for Release 7.03

Managing Content

Manual Creation, Editing, Deletion

  1. After saving the Manage Files page without uploading any files, attempting to upload files later results in an error - #2387Creating large, multi-file media objects using the dropbox interface times out - #2801
  2. Not all EDTF Level 1 dates are accepted - #3867
  3. File names with single quote characters result in errors during ingest (also applicable for batch) #4444
  4. Error When Selecting Shortcut Links in Google Drive #4541

Batch Ingest

  1. When a master file is moved during a batch ingest, the batch fails - #2310

Bulk Actions

  1. Selected items are cleared from the Manage Selected Objects page after moving them to a new collection - #2437


  1. Creating a thumbnail for an item without a poster image generates an error - #2093


  1. Using Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge, items cannot be moved between playlists in the Edit Playlist page - #2121

Item Access

  1. An unpublished item with a lease to a user for a specific date can still be found by the user through browsing or searching - #1686
  2. Published but hidden items with a lease to a user or a group still appear to the user though browsing or searching - #2388
  3. Items in the "Selected Items" list do not disappear and are still available to a user after a lease ends - #1701
  4. Item lease with a date range assigned to an IP address gives access to the item even beyond the date range - #2081

Avalon Media Player


  1. Selecting a playback quality causes playback to restart at the beginning when using Android - #2876
  2. Internet Explorer 11 has navigation issues with multi-section items and with playlists - #2827
  3. Seeking while paused causes the poster and spinner to remain until play is selected - #2826
  4. Structural metadata with undefined sections causes unexpected behavior in the track scrubber - #3047


  • While using Edge, the volume adjust bar is trimmed short on both top and bottom - #2122
  • The video end time displays incorrectly at first when launching Avalon on a mobile device - #1689

    1. Hovering over the audio icon in the audio player causes the quality and playlists icons to move out of alignment - #1762
    2. The playlist index table is not adapted for responsive design - #2389
    3. After selecting a playback quality in Android, the quality selector does not disappear - #2874
    4. Advancing to another section or item cancels fullscreen mode - #2979
    5. Selecting the Add Marker button does not cancel fullscreen - #2978
    6. Within an iFrame, the media player does not resize - #2961


    1. In Safari, the text weight in an embedded audio player shifts unexpectedly - #2844Embed login popup does not auto-close when using devise DB authentication - #3885


    1. In certain configurations of Firefox, Play/Pause is not accessible with the SPACEBAR - #1644
    2. Tabbing on "Create Collection" screen can escape the modal scope - #969
    3. Keyboard navigation in Safari does not work properly - #2707
    4. Captions are deselected when moving to different section in Safari. Users need to click the captions button to re-enable captions when a new section starts playing - (more information)


    1. The latest version of Wowza Streaming Server (4.7.8) is not compatible with Avalon - #3799
    2. Missing values in Avalon's controlled vocabulary configuration file results in 500 errors -