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These are my (bdwheele) brainstorming notes for the VM image...I'm still testing this.

VM Configuration

  • 1 Core
  • 3G RAM
  • 500G System Disk
  • Using VirtualBox as host

Base OS Install

  • Centos 6.4 x86-64
  • English language and keyboard
  • hostname: localhost
    • if it is localhost it should set it to the dhcp hostname provided.
  • eth0:
    • active on boot
    • ipv4 dhcp, dchp client id = avalon-vm
  • set timezone to america/indiana/indianapolis, clock uses utc
  • root password is 'changeme'
  • replace existing linux system(s), default partitioning
  • desktop install
  • yum update after install.

Avalon Install / Testing


VM Image Prep

  • Install avalon-vm-1.0-1.noarch.rpm to install the firstboot changes and tools
  • run /usr/share/avalon/dist-prep
  • shutdown VM
  • Export Appliance
    • Use a 0.9 version and a MANIFEST for compatibility
  • copy the .ova file to the distribution point