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Before you start: 

Step one:  Download the VM



The VM image is located at (temporarily).  The VM is about 6GB and could take an hour to download or more depending on your connection speed. 

The Avalon VM is


an Open Virtualization Format OVA Package. The VM image OVA file contains both the VM disk image as well as the settings for the VM guest (so these are imported when you kick off the image in the VM app?).


Step two:  Download a VM product

OVF is supported by most VM products, including VirtualBox, Redhat Enterprise Virtualization, and VMWare.


 If you are using a solution which doesn't support OVF, the OVA package is a simple tarball which can be unpacked and set up manually.

Step three:  Import ( ? ) the VM image into your preferred product.

Virtual Machine Settings