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It is important to reset the MAC (ethernet) address to a new address.  If other users are using the same MAC address on the same network the networking will be unstable.

When importing a VM appliance using VirtualBox, check the "Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards" box prior to hitting the Import button.

VM Guest Settings (What settings are including and what need to be set?)

The general settings for the VM guest must be:


The network adapter of the guest needs to be set to "Bridging" or "Attached to Bridged Adapter".  This allows the guest to use an IP address which is visible to the outside world so clients can connect to it.  Network Address Translation (NAT) or "User Mode" networking can be used when combined with port forwarding or port mapping, but setting up this configuration is beyond the scope of these instructions.

Free Disk SpaceSpace 

The disk image is in the VMDK format which is a sparsely-allocated disk image format:  only the disk space actually in use by the guest (plus some mapping overhead) is used on the host.  The image, as shipped, takes around XX gigabytes but from the guest's point of view it looks like a 500G disk.  As Avalon stores files the disk space used on the host will increase.  If the host doesn't have sufficient space for avalon's disk requests it will fail in unpredictable ways.