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For information on current and previous versions of Avalon, please see the Releases page on Github.


Avalon 7.



With the release of Avalon 7.0 in January 2020, the team is looking at what should be prioritized in the coming year and cleaning up existing plans. An updated roadmap for 2020 will be posted soon.

1.1 (Summer 2020)

7.1.1 will contain dependency upgrades and bug fixes for Avalon 7.1.

Avalon 7.2 (Fall/Winter 2020)

  • Supplemental file support
    • Any file can be uploaded as a supplemental file for an item and section (transcripts, PDF documents, images, etc.)
  • Transcript support
    • Support for standard file types such as WebVTT
    • Basic display of transcripts on the item view page (alongside media content)

Avalon on Hyrax (2021)

The next major version of Avalon will be written using the Hyrax Ruby on Rails Engine. The Avalon team's goal is to keep pace with current Hyrax development.

  • Feature parity with Avalon 7.x
  • Avalon IIIF Player will replace the current Avalon 7.x media player
  • Uses a new audiovisual work type

Avalon IIIF Player

This React-based application will be under active development alongside Avalon 7.x and Avalon on Hyrax.