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Table of Contents

Creating Single Item

  • An Avalon object is created every time you choose the Create menu even if you do not associate any media or metadata with the object.  Avalon object  These Avalon objects will only be viewable by Collection Managers because they receive access status of "Collection Managers Only" by default.  Avalon objects can be deleted individually. 

  • Save and or Save & Continue to do does not save Labels added to individual sections .  The Upload button must be clicked before proceeding to - you must click Update before clicking Save or Save & Continue.

  • Items can be published without adding any media to them.  On  To keep them hidden, edit the object and then on the Preview page, click Unpublish at the top of the object.

Batch Ingest

  • In release 1, items created via batch will by default inherit the access control status of “Collection Managers Only”.  To make items visible to the public, to all authenticated users or to specific users or groups, you must edit each item individually.

Player and Controls

  • Red5 needs to hit play 3 times to play again,  Streaming quality starts If you are using the Red5 streaming server - you have to refresh the page to play the source again.  
  • If you switch streaming quality the video starts over at the beginning, for multi-section parts you need to change the quality for each section).

Group Management

  • The Manage Groups interface will allow the creation of a group name with embedded (blank) spaces, but any sometimes members of that group will no longer not have access to items in the collection.
  • In the Manage Groups interface it is possible for members of collection_managers and group_managers can delete those groups.   If you do try to delete these groups, you will receive a delete confirmation message. These groups should not be deleted - only a sys admin or someone with access to Avalon files will be able to add these groups back