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For the name enter Default Collection. This is case sensitive, so be sure to capitalize both words. For the description enter a brief summary such as "Example content provided by the Avalon Media System team".


With the system ready to ingest the content unpack the example content into a new directory. Using the account information for the dropbox user, upload the DemoFixture directory to your Avalon server's dropbox (usually located at /var/avalon/dropbox). After a minute or two, the system will detect the new batch and begin ingesting the content. The next step depends greatly on the number of available processors and RAM. Avalon will convert each master into a series of streaming derivatives. Progress can be tracked in Avalon by visiting the Default Collection. In Avalon it should look something like the picture below when finished.


Choosing an item will show you the current conversion process. When the green bar reaches 100% the item is ready to be played back. If problems occur during the batch ingest process follow the troubleshooting steps listed at the end.

Troubleshooting failed batches

Batch is unreadable by the background process

When transferring the example content into the dropbox it is possible that permissions may get changed. The background process that processes derivatives requires write access to be able to leave an error log and / or a processing flag. If you discover a problem with the permissions the following command will repair the issue. Execute this from the dropbox directory.