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  • Wikis consist of "spaces" and "pages" 
    • Spaces: Relate collection of pages like Scholars' Commons Learning Project Home
    • Pages: Contain specific information or serve as a way to organize related pages (like a folder)
      • "Container" or "Folder" pages will organize related or "sub" pages via links
      • For example:
        • Container Page titled "Workshop Notes"
        • Child Pages of this Page could include:
          • Pages titled: 
            • "Notes from Wiki 101 Session, November 20, 2013"
            • "Notes from Copyright Session, November 20, 2013"
            • etc.
  • Updating Your Personal Space
    • Click on the "down" arrow next to your profile picture, top-right of page
    • Edit "Profile" with basic information 
    • Edit and Add to "Personal Space" (good way to practice wiki authoring)
    • Create Child Pages (left-hand menu)
    • Restrict Pages for privacy (Tools menu, Restrictions)
  • How to Use Your Profile
    • Assuming you know yourself well, this page lists your most recent wiki updates.  Useful to see in one place all the pages you have edited.
  • Configuration Options Accessible via Your Personal Space
    • Manage notifications (minimize the number of alerts)
    • Space configuration which will allow you to change the look and feel and layout of your personal space
    • Edit "Watch" options; be default you are set to "watch" every page you edit (see notifications above)
  • Watching & Favoriting
    • Be default you are set to watch every page you edit.  You can control this via Notifications management.
    • You can favorite spaces or pages.  Think of this as a bookmark.  Your favorites will show on the wiki's dashboard (click the IU logo) and on the "home" screen of your personal space. 
  • Editing
    • Hard to remember, but try and get in the habit of documenting your edits (see gray bar below in "Edit" mode) and uncheck "Notify Watchers" if the edit is insignificant like fixing a typo

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