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titleIn Progress
  • As sections of the schedule are finalized, they will move to the official schedule page.
  • This will evolve into a continuing education model.

Dates, times and locations may change depending on extenuating circumstances.  

DateTimeWorkshop Topic & LabWorkshop LeadersLocationAssignments

Seminars to be Scheduled

  • Seminar:
    • Omeka Exhibits
  • Lab:
    • Research Teams will start building exhibits
  • Data curation  & management
    • DH
    • Social Sciences
    • Sciences
  • Digital preservation
    • What's happening here right now (Fedora, IR, other repositories)
  • Georeferencing and Map-based Discovery
    • Google Maps
    • Neatline
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Google Fusion
    • Voyant
  • Sharing / Exposing Digital Content
    • From Julie H - exposing collection objects and metadata as harvestable feed for external analysis/visualization
  • User-Centered Interface Design & Omeka (Julie H.)
    • Accessibility
    • Usability
  • Faculty Use Cases 
  • Oral Histories