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titlePublic Wiki Space: Work in Progress

This is a public wiki space for developing and tracking training modules and a new digital research web site, The History of the IU Libraries, which will serve as a hands-on learning project for first year, frontline Scholars' Commons staff. Our intention is to share our process, but keep in mind that this wiki space is constantly a work in progress. The project team reserves the right to create a private space for posting more sensitive information. If this happens, we will be sure to mark these pages or areas as "staff only." 

  • We need a clever name for this endeavor (a la Columbia's Developing Librarian project)
    • Institutional Memory Project, IMP! (Celestina)
    • Library Institutional Memory Project, LIMP! (Angela)
    • Institutional Memory and Knowledge Project, IMKO (Michelle)
    • Cross Training in Support of Digital Scholarship (Michelle)
    • Scholars' Commons X-Training (SCxT, Michelle/Angela)


The Indiana University Libraries' Scholars’ Commons, located on the first floor of the East tower of the Herman B Wells library:

is envisioned as a vibrant, attractive central-campus space dedicated to technologies and services that support in-depth scholarship and scholarly community. Scholars will come to this facility to use cutting-edge technologies, attend seminars and consult with experts on tools, collections and innovative approaches that further their research in the humanities, arts, sciences and social sciences. In addition to a cohesive set of technologies and services, the IU Scholars’ Commons will be a flexible space for building community and sparking interdisciplinary inquiry. <>.

In preparation of the opening of the Scholars' Commons, staff from Collection Development & Scholarly Communications, Library Technologies, Reference Services, and Arts & Humanities will engage in a 12-18 month long hands-on learning project--- the development of the History of the IU Libraries digital archive.  


The purpose of this wiki space is to document the learning project and training plan being developed for first year, frontline Scholars' Commons staff. This wiki space is public and is meant to serve as a way to openly track progress across the Libraries, but also to share our process with other academic libraries interested in doing the same.  

Learning Project Proposals, Plans and Policies

Schedule and Workshop Plans

titleNext Workshop Meeting
  • Learning Project Kick-off:  11/19/2013, 2 pm, IC Cluster #1

Project Management

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