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Before Avalon 3.0, providing access to a course roster requires creating a group containing the users on the class roster and granting access to that group (see scenario 1, above). With Avalon 3.0, it is not necessary for Avalon to track who is on a roster. See the LTI configuration documentation to learn how a course management system can be configured to provide authenticated access to Avalon. Once that access is set up, all that is necessary in Avalon is to associate the course ID with the items of interest. This can be done by editing each item. But if those items are not yet in Avalon, you can save a lot of time but following the steps below.

  1. Find out what the course ID , by asking your Avalon administrator.
  2. Set the collection-level access default to permit access for that class.
  3. Add the items to the collection in Avalon, singly or via the batch loading facility.
  4. If more items will be added to the collection that should not be accessible to the group, reset collection-level access defaults to their normal value for the collection.