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Contributions to the Digital Archive can be done singularly or collaboratively. We may very well want to work in both contexts. As you identify areas you wish to research (could be more than one), please add them to the table below. Indicate if any part of that research (e.g, collecting oral histories, mapping campus branches, etc.) is open for collaboration.

Research Topic(s)Research Team Lead (TBD)NotesResearch Team/Group
Herman B Wells the Building  

Herman B Wells the Person

History of the IU Libraries Slideshow Research Now: History of the IU Libraries Slide Show
History of the IU Libraries, 1820 to ? See (for overall info)


 See (Library Deans)




Bibliography (migrate to Zotero) See: 
  • Broad overview of the history of the IU Libraries


  • Indiana University Library's first catalog
Catherine Minter  
  • Map of the branch libraries
Michelle DalmauOpen for collaboration (data gathering)

Kristina Keogh; Nicholas Homenda

  • The history (rise and fall?) of SALC or Subject Librarians
Angela CourtneyOpen for collaboration 
  • The libraries' strategic plan(s) and our evolving mission/perspective
Nicholae Cline