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The sample content package is deprecated as of Avalon 6.0. Please use the Batch Ingest method to ingest sample content.


 This documentation is for Release 5.x, 4.x and 3.x.  For the release 1 and 2 version of this page, see Install Sample Content Using AvalonVia Batch Ingest.

Installation of the sample content is simple, but must be run as the root user from a bash prompt on the Avalon system. The process for this depends on which kind of installation you have.


If the install fails and you need to rerun the installation, add the --force flag to the rpm command. 

Once the sample content has been loaded, you should be able to discover, view, and play it back.  Open a web browser, connect to your avalon instance, and select Sample Collection from the Collection facet on the left side of the page.