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This document is a work in progress. It is incomplete and untested.


This documentation is for Release 5.x, 4.x and 3.0.0x.


These instructions provide a recipe for configuring Avalon to use Adobe Media Server (AMS) for content streaming.

In the code blocks below {ams host} = Adobe Media Server and {avalon host} = Avalon Server.



Adobe Media Server 5 Standard can be downloaded from A serial number is not required for development and testing purposes.

This example uses the default AMS installation location ( /opt/adobe/ams ) and assumes that the Apache server used is the one installed with AMS. If a separate Apache is used make changes accordingly.


Code Block
titleConfiguring AMS
# Do all the following as root
su -

# 1. Download the Avalon configuration for AMS
wget -O
cd avalon-vod-master

# 2 Copy avalon.conf into place
cp apache/avalon_rewrite.conf /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/conf

# 3. Add Avalon configuration to AMS's Apache configuration
echo "Include conf/avalon_rewrite.conf" >> /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf

# 4. Copy avalon_auth into place and make executable
cp apache/avalon_auth /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/bin
chmod 744 /opt/adobe/ams/avalon_auth

# 5. Add Avalon substitution variables to the AMS configuration (EDIT THESE AS NEEDED). 
#    AVALON.STREAM_PATH must be the same as configured for Matterhorn below. 
#    Both servers must be able to reach these directories through their respective file systems.
echo "AVALON.STREAM_PATH = /opt/adobe/ams/webroot/avalon" >> /opt/adobe/ams/conf/ams.ini
echo "AVALON.AUTH_URL = http://{avalon host}/authorize" >> /opt/adobe/ams/conf/ams.ini


Inspect the following assignments in and change as needed for your environementenvironment.

Code Block
org.opencastproject.server.url=http://{ams host}:18080
org.opencastproject.streaming.url=rtmp://{ams host}/avalon
org.opencastproject.hls.url=http://{ams host}/streamsavalon
org.avalonmediasystem.avalon.url=http://{avalon host}/


Inspect the following assignments in avalon.yml and change as needed for your environementenvironment.

Code Block
   url_handler: :adobe # or :generic 
   rtmp_base: rtmp://{ams host}/avalon/
   http_base: http://{ams host}/avalon/
   stream_token_ttl: 20 #minutes
Code Block
titleNotes for .OVA installsInstall
# 1. Start-up host
configuration (
#    /etc/rc.d/init.d/avalon_host_config
 must be edited so above changes to avalon.yml are not overwritten on reboot

Red5 must be shutdown and the startup service disabled:


# 2. Red5 must be shutdown and the startup service disabled:
cd /usr/local/red5


chkconfig red5 off

AMS must be started and set to autostart:

# 3. Depending on how AMS was installed, it might need to be started and set to start on boot:
cd /opt/adobe/ams

./server start
echo /opt/adobe/ams/server start >> /etc/rc.local

titleRunning Avalon on port other than 80

By default, AMS and Avalon are both configured to listen on port 80. So if you wish to run both on the same host, it might be necessary to configure one of them to listen on a different port. To configure Avalon to listen on a different port, changes in several files are necessary:


/amsmgr setAutoStart ams


And don't forget to open the port. The preferred method is to create a shell script that will do the work for you. Here is an example script that you should look through and customize as needed: