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Currently all tests pass with all components upgraded.  Tests were made to pass and some of the changes required to make tests pass still need to be reflected upon.  A probably incomplete list appears below.

Still left to be done:

Bugs to fix 

  1. Figure out how to deal with secret keys to avoid committing them and making sure they exist (puppet/test machines)
  2. Fix routing issues
    1. Sign_out route can't be found
    2. about page
  3. Navbar missing
  4. Manage Files
    1. Dropbox modal not visible - might wait to fix this until after browse-everything has been merged
  5. CSS, CSS, CSS
  6. Facets look odd
  7. About Page -> MH status, streaming server status
  8. Media Object view -> Playback
  9. Edit Object view > nav-disabled on the left isn't actually disabled.
  10. Sample Content - apparently loads but does not show up in search results, even after re-indexing
  11. Access Control
    1. autocomplete not working for users or external groups,
    2. adding external group results in 'class cannot be blank' error message
    3. Hide this item from search results doesn't appear to have an effect.
  12. Manage Content
    1. Create Collection button and Edit Collection Info button don't work
    2. Edit collection: Roles and special access autocomplete and adding don't work '... cannot be blank'
    3. Delete Collection results in error.
  13. Rake tasks
    1. avalon:user:create fails with NoMethodError: undefined method `cost' for BCrypt::Engine:Class
  14. Matterhorn
    1. For Bryan and I, we can't get playback and ingesting to work. It might be an issue with our computers or an actual bug.

Old list of things to be done

  1.  Run through the non-automated tests
  2. Examine Blacklight and remove unneccessary overrides
  3. Any more changes to handle cascading validations in has_many associations
  4. Think about or disable turbolinks
  5. Choose a ruby: 2.0, 2.1, other?


UI upgrade progress

  1. So far it seems that upgrading our interface to use Bootstrap 3 means replacing all of the span# classes with col-md-# or col-sm-#. This will give us greater control over how the elements on the page react to being sized differently. Here is an chart of the screen sizes and prefixes:
    Update: Did a find replace on all of the spans. They have been replaced with col-md-#.