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The tutorial focuses on the newest version of the TEI, P5.  You may be working with a previous version, P4 (i.e., Newton project), but the differences between the two versions are usually inconsequential in terms of learning the basics.  


  • Reference the readings list predefined in your internship wiki page.


More or less in order

Tutorials & Sample Exercises


Conduct these sample exercises while undergoing the tutorial or afterwards

  • : Prose
    •  – Prose, Verse, Drama and
    • Instructions Letters (instructions and access to PDF Samples)
      • Example Encoding of Genres (all sample genres encoded in one XML file)
        •  Consult if you get stuck, but resist the temptation of looking before you give it a try ...
  • TEI by Example
    • Focus on Primary Sources & Critical Editing 
    • Feel free to explore the other sections too (compare with the above genre exercises)

General Guidelines and TEI Element References