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Once the ingest has successfully completed, the media files are moved to SDA and are no longer available in the dropbox. For The batch ingest, the ingest manifest spreadsheets are left in place.In moving the files to SDA, the files are renamed to include the MCO identifier in the file name. For example, if the ingested master file was named, and the identifier in MCO for the file (section, not the entire item) was 1234, the file would be renamed before being stored in SDA. will also be removed.

Please contact Media Collections Online support to request retrieval of the master file or pre-transcoded derivatives.


Please contact Media Collections Online support for information on how to access the Avalon drop box if you will be using batch ingest or need to upload files larger than can be handled by the browser (larger than 250 MB).

Batch Ingest Email Address

For Row 1, Column B of the ingest manifest use your network ID, not your full email address, for the submitter's email address.

Integration with Canvas

There is general documentation about Avalon/LMS integration here: Delivering Avalon Content Through a Learning Management System (LMS), however this is Avalon-general, not Media Collections Online/IU Canvas-specific. As of January 2016, MCO is not yet set up as a Canvas-wide tool. it is still possible to make this connection with some additional development work by the UITS Canvas support team.