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Matterhorn will query its own mh_jobs job table every minute or so, and since older jobs are not removed from this table it will eventually reach a point where these queries become a  noticeable drain on system resources.  To clean out the table:

  1. Locate your matterhorn install and check etc/ for the database you are using (default is /usr/local/matterhorn/etc/
  2. Open up that database via your browser of choice and select the `mh_jobs` job` table
  3. Delete rows where the operation value is NOT START_WORKFLOW (we want to retain those jobs for later reference).  You can use date_created to scope this delete via time.
  4. Your db table should be much smaller now.
Code Block
delete from mh_job where operation <> 'START_WORKFLOW' and date_created < '2018-12-01';