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  • File
    • Required field.  Content files listed in the manifest file must have the correct path noted for where those files are located in the Avalon dropbox, relative to the manifest file.  Additionally, all content files must include a file extension. If necessary, include any directories or subdirectories (note the paths listed in columns D and F in the above example).
    • Repeatable
    • Label, Offset, and Skip Transcoding can be listed in any order following the file they are describing. Absolute Location can only be used following Skip Transcoding if Skip Transcoding is included and its value is set to "yes".
  • Label
    • Label is used for display in single item views. Recommended use is to reflect the content captured in digitized media files (such as the Part 1 and Part 2 of the piece performed or titles of songs).
    • Only repeatable following a file entry.
    • Editable after ingest in "Label" field of Manage Files page
  • Offset
    • Offset is used to set the thumbnail and poster image for the display in search/browse results and single item views. Must be entered between 00:00:00.000 and length of file.
    • Excel will automatically format hh:mm:ss into time. To circumvent this, begin time offset with a single quote, for example: '0:10 for 00:00:10 and '1:06 for 00:01:06.
    • Only repeatable following an additional file.
    • Default is 2 seconds into playback. 
    • Only applicable to video files. Audio files have a default thumbnail, offset will be ignored.
    • If a record contains multiple files, the first offset listed will set the thumbnail and poster image for the Avalon record.
    • Editable after ingest in "Poster Offset" field of Manage Files page or on the item preview page.
  • Skip Transcoding
    • Skip Transcoding is used if a pre-encoded derivative of the file is what is being uploaded to Avalon instead of the master version of the file. This presumes that the derivative(s) match the requirements explained in Avalon Derivatives. Master file location information should be included for complete object ingest. See Absolute Location (below) for further information.
    • Only repeatable following a file entry.
    • Valid values: “yes” or “no”
  • Absolute Location
    • Absolute Location is used with Skip Transcoding to indicate the location of the master version of a video or audio file when the file uploaded to Avalon is a pre-encoded derivative.
    • Only repeatable following Skip Transcoding if Skip Transcoding is included and its value is set to “yes”.
    • If Skip Transcoding is set to “no” or not included, Absolute Location will be ignored.
    • Absolute Location should be the full URI path of the server housing the master version of the file.

Ingest of Multiple Files With Different Quality Settings for a Single Avalon Item

Avalon supports ingest of multiple derivatives that may be selected with the High/Medium/Low gear-buttons of the video player during playback. The “File” field in the manifest and the naming convention of the files in the Avalon dropbox directory must be formatted correctly for the batch ingest to be successful. Avalon will know what filename to look for from the manifest file, find the quality levels specified in the dropbox directory, and ingest the formatted files accordingly. It is not required to have all three quality tiers for multiple file ingest.

For a single Avalon item in the manifest file, input a filename in the “File” field and input “Yes” in the “Skip Transcoding” field. Format the “File” field as well as the filenames of your different quality files in the Avalon dropbox directory with the convention below.

Manifest file formatting: filename.mp4

Dropbox Directory formatting - filename.high.mp4; filename.medium.mp4; filename.low.mp4








Michael's Third Test Batch



Main Title


Date Issued


Skip Transcoding


Multiple Quality Ingest

Klein, Michael B.






Batch Processing Notes

Each batch will generate 2 emails to the user listed at the top of the manifest.