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What is Digital Preservation?

Digital preservation encompasses the policies, strategies, and


institutional commitment necessary to maintain and provide


access to digital

materials authentically and accurately

content over time. Policies govern the strategic development of a preservation plan and lay out the institutional commitment to ongoing preservation. Strategies and actions address all points in the lifecycle of a digital object - e.g., creation, storage transfer, and ongoing maintenance. Digital preservation activities include disaster planning, data and tool migration, preservation metadata capture, etc. Materials to be digitally preserved include those that are created through digitization projects and those created and maintained digitally ('born digital').

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The mission of the Digital Preservation Unit at Indiana University Bloomington is to ensure the ongoing access and stewardship of digital content for which IU Libraries has a mandate to preserve. Digital preservation policies, procedures, and strategies are continually being developed, tested, and evaluated in order to ensure the appropriate alignment with both IU's needs and best practices as established within the larger Digital Preservation community. For more information on current goals and strategies, see the Indiana University


"Binary Code" by Christiaan Colen, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0




Resources, Training & Best Practices





Heidi Kelly

Mike Shallcross, Digital Preservation



heidowdi@indiana | (812) 856-5295


Luke Menzies, Digital Preservation Technician 



The Digital Preservation Unit is part of the Indiana University Libraries Bloomington Library Technologies Department.