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  1. Stop the virtual machine: vagrant halt
  2. Move the R1 directory aside:

    Code Block
    cd ..
    mv avalon-installer-flat avalon-installer-flat-r1
  3. Download and extract the Avalon install script (as a zip or tar.gz)
  4. In a terminal window, cd to the avalon-installer-flat directory you just extracted
  5. Copy over the configuration from the R1 vagrant machine:

    Code Block
    cp -r ../avalon-installer-flat-r1/.vagrant .
    cp ../avalon-installer-flat-r1/avalon-install.yml .
  6. Start the virtual machine: vagrant up
  7. Be patient.  This will upgrade the various components of avalon and will migrate all of your content to R2 schemas.



If you run into problems you can stop the virtual machine and restore your snapshot to get right back where you were.