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  •  Nicholas Homenda modify footer to accept IU Branding plugin footer  
  •  Nicholas Homenda modify location of navigation bar to below header image  
  •  Nicholas Homenda change layout from 2 column to 1 column and sort order of page elements  
  •  Nicholas Homenda play with carousel plugin and see if it can replace the header image on homepage
  •  Nicholas Homenda CSS medium bottom and thin left shadow around div elements on homepage
  •  Nicholas Homenda figure out header scrolling/double scroll bar issue
  •  Nicholas Homenda make navigation bar links more attractive
  •  Nicholas Homenda improve appearance of search bar: remove border, make highlight scheme negative
  •  Nicholas Homenda make tiled images bigger for features and recents
  •  Nicholas Homenda make items random/featured rather than recent, since we aren't adding much these days
  •  Leanne MobleyErika Jenns look at "History of the Herman B Wells Library" exhibit and see if you can make it look more presentable in this new theme