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Alternately, though not strictly a "controlled" vocabulary, fields may be configured to remember the values entered into them and suggest those values when users begin typing terms.

Field Usage Guidelines

A subcommittee of the Image Collections Online Working Group is preparing recommendations for how the most popular shared fields are to be used and formatted. Those recommendations will be posted here when accepted by the Working GroupResulting from discussions with stakeholders and metadata experts, the Photocat Core Fields are highly recommended for use with any new collection in Photocat, the IUB Libraries' online image collection cataloging application. This field selection represents a unified endorsement of those elements widely shared by image collections. All new collections added to Photocat will automatically contain these fields and collections are encouraged to make use of them, adhering to the definitions for each field.

Special Fields

Submitted Filename:
Collections imported from sets of images for which the image filenames contain useful descriptive metadata may be configured to display the original name of the file in this field. This value may not be edited, but is useful in searches or for uncataloged item identification.