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  • Start the VirtualBox Manager
  • Select the "File/Import Appliance..." menu item
    • Press the "Open Appliance..." button and select the Avalon VM image you downloaded
    • Press "Next >" or "Continue"
    • Below the list of VM appliance settings, check the box next to "Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards"
    • Press "Import"
  • The VM should now be visible in the list.
    • Select the Avalon VM 
    • Press the "Settings" icon
      • Select the "Network" tab
      • Make sure the "Attached to" field is set to "Bridged Adapter"
      • Press "OK"
    • Press "Start" icon to boot the VM
  • VirtualBox has networking quirks that require special configuration to make Avalon work in NAT mode. Please see VirtualBox Networking for details.