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Install Tomcat 7.0.70 Setup a server Server for Hydra 10 development#InstallFedora4Development#InstallFedora4.5.1

Create Fedora db on Amazon RDS instance


Install Fedora on existing Tomcat Fedora (standalone) (change JDBC url to Amazon RDS MySQL)


Deploy Solr Docker on Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Matterhorn and Red5 can be replaced by AET & CloudFront. Steps:

  • Create AET pipeline and presets
  • Create CloudFront HLS & RTMP streaming directories
  • Create ActiveEncode engine adapter for AET.
  • Rewrite ActiveEncodeJob that uploads file from Rails server to S3 and polls for progress.
  • Modify active_encode initializer and MasterFile model to use AET.
  • Modify Avalon config to use CloudFront streaming
  • Figure out stream auth


  • Dropbox: can use Amazon Lambda function to monitor and ingest
  • Can use Amazon SNS and SQS for notifications and polling.
  • May upload directly to S3 (not through Rails server)