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ContentsConfiguration info for Matterhorn
Relevant Keys

org.opencastproject.server.url: Public URL of the Matterhorn server
org.opencastproject.streaming.url: Base URL of the streaming application Directory where streaming derivatives will be written
org.opencastproject.composer.ffmpegpath: Location of the ffmpeg binary
org.opencastproject.inspection.mediainfo.path: Location of the mediainfo binary
org.avalonmediasystem.avalon.url: Base URL of the Avalon server 

NotesOther keys and their values are documented in comments within the file

etc/encoding/ (ADVANCED)

ContentsSpecifics of Avalon transcoding operations
NotesAllows specific tweaking of ffmpeg parameters for different content types and quality levels

etc/workflows/avalon-video.xml (ADVANCED)

etc/workflows/avalon-audio.xml (ADVANCED)

ContentsAvalon-related transcoding and processing workflows

See the Matterhorn Workflow Documentation. If using Adobe Media Server be sure to disable the distribute-hls step in both files.