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Avalon has a built in Variations Playlist File Importer. Here's more information: Import Variations Playlist file into Avalon 5.1.4+

Migrating Bookmarks

The details of exporting bookmarks to JSON format are in this gist:

Once you have the jsonJSON, run this rake task to import it into Avalon:

Code Block
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake --trace avalon:variations:import filename=json.out




Item Permissions

We created a Unit for the Music School Library and under that unit, a collection called Variations. On the collection, we restricted Before importing items, we set the default permissions on the collection to restrict access to a specific LDAP group (using Avalon's "External Group and updated that LDAP group with a class roster query to our University's database so we knew " functionality to connect with IU's Microsoft Active Directory instance) and populated that Active Directory group to contain those users who should have access. Another alternative would be to use LTI and your campus LMS Learning Management System to grant access to a collectionbased on authorization in the LMS. Here are the instructions for setting up LTI.

Your specific permissions setup will depend on your local policies for access. For help from other users and developers in figuring out how to best map your access policies to an access control strategy in Avalon, we suggest posting to the avalon-discuss-l mailing list.