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mysqldump -u avalonweb -p avalonweb -no-create-info --tables annotations api_tokens bookmarks courses identities ingest_batches playlist_items playlists role_maps --skip-create-options users > /tmp/avalon.r5.dump.sql

There are some mysql specific statements in the dump file that need to be removed to load it into sqlite.

Load to r6 database (sqlite locally)Load to r6 database (sqlite locally)


Sqllite3 doesn't like mysql dump files so a transformation script needs to be run on it.


Make it executable: chmod +x mysql2sqlite

Run it on the dump file: ./mysql2sqlite avalon.r5.dump.sql > avalon.r5.dump.sqlite

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bundle exec rake avalon:wipeout  # ensure that Fedora, Solr, and the DB are clean
bundle exec rails dbconsole 
sqlite> DELETE FROM role_maps;
sqlite> .read /tmp/avalon.r5.dump.sql



Migrate Fedora Objects

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# SSH tunnel or open up your fedora3 server to your new Avalon app
# Setup config/fedora3.yml in your Avalon 6 app
bundle exec rake avalon:migrate
#Review output and fix/rerun it

Migrate Database Tables

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# Run script to map fedora 3 pids in database to newly minted fedora 4 noids
bundle exec rake avalon:migrate:database


Migrate Config Files

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