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  • How do you imagine any of this will any of this be reused?
    • Hypothetical use cases (Jamie)
      1. Textual analysis: renders
      2. Aggregate: coding, analysis
      3. Algorithms
      4. Virtual museum

  • Can raw files be saved as TIFF in process? (from Nikon NEF)
    • better for archival processing, higher quality, non-proprietary
    • need these in addition to jpg

  • Using Reality Capture - photogrammetry software (?). Opaque .dat files.

  • Notes.txt in several directories in sample - better to have more descriptive names:
    • 307_Models_notes.txt
    • 307_Processing_notes.txt

  • Metadata
    • csv with column headings is better than images of labels and plain text
    • image labels and plain text are better than proprietary binaries
    • basing this on 3D-ICONS fields if possible

  • Include some kind of README file or descriptive paper for each bag to describe how all the parts were used to create object
  • What is difference between comments in python script at top with directories created and PDF description of directories created?