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Avalon 6.4.



The Avalon Media System team is happy to announce the release of Avalon 6.4.23 is now available for download at the Avalon GitHub.  
Click here to download and to learn more.
This release contains two new features:

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming - Avalon can be configured to provide an additional quality setting, auto, within the media player. When auto is selected, the browser will automatically select the quality level best suited for the user's available bandwidth.
  • InterCom - a service which allows organizations hosting more than one Avalon Instance to push items from one Avalon instance to the other.  Users may perform this task with individual items or in bulk.

In addition, Avalon 6.4.2 has corrected minor bugs which will improve performance of the system.point release corrects issues found in batch upload processes.  

  • Files ingested from a dropbox are properly handled when the masterfile management strategy is set to 'move' #2903
  • Batch ingest emails are sent successfully, even when items are deleted by users before the job completes #2892
  • Manifest files are deleted after reading and before any processing has happened to avoid race conditions or other errors #2919

For any questions or assistance, please email us at:

Or find us on Slack at: 

Avalon Slack team:

Joining a Slack team requires an invitation, but anyone can generate an automatic invite to the Samvera Community slack channel using the following form: Samvera Slack invite

6.4.2 was released as code on April 20thin July, 2018.  The first upgrade to a system (Avalon Demo System) occurred shortly thereafter.  Indiana upgraded Media Collections Online on 05/08/2018.  
For upgrade documentation:
Those interested in exploring Avalon should contact us at:
Our Github:
Avalon 6.4.1 on Github: