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Hardware and Workflow Assistance

Born Digital Preservation Lab. Contact the Born Digital Preservation Lab (BDPL) for access to obsolete digital media and corresponding hardware, as well as to established workflows for preservation and access to obsolete files and formats. The BDPL is mainly available for collection managers within the IU Libraries, but can provide guidance to outside content owners.

Storage Practices@IU. This page provides guidance to collections and campuses using the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) as their main storage solution. Here you will find suggested workflows for depositing and retreiving content, along with practical steps for preservation practices like fixity checking.

Training and Public Engagement

Web Trainings and Resources. The Digital Preservation Unit aims to provide regular trainings around digital curation topics. This page contains the web trainings that they have created and gathered.

Digital Preservation Libguides. The Digital Preservation Unit has created several resource guides that provide further reading and links for those interested in digital preservation, digital forensics, and information security.

Best Practice Guidance for Content Creators and Managers

File Formats Guide. The Digital Preservation Unit has developed a guide for content creators and managers regarding the best file formats based on content type. The linked guide provides guidance on which formats the IU Libraries is able to manage and preserve.



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