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Code Block
title:files example
       [{file_location: absolute_location,
        label: "Part 1",
	  	title: "Part 1",
        files: [{label: 'quality-high',
                  id: 'track-1',
                  url: absolute_location,
                  duration: "6315",
                  mime_type:  "video/mp4",
                  audio_bitrate: "127716.0",
                  audio_codec: "AAC",
                  video_bitrate: "1000000.0",
                  video_codec: "AVC",
                  width: "640",
                  height: "480" },
                {label: 'quality-medium',
                  id: 'track-2',
                  url: absolute_location,
                  duration: "6315",
                  mime_type: "video/mp4",
                  audio_bitrate: "127716.0",
                  audio_codec: "AAC",
                  video_bitrate: "1000000.0",
                  video_codec: "AVC",
                  width: "640",
                  height: "480" }
        file_location: absolute_location,
        file_checksum: "7ae24368ccb7a6c6422a14ff73f33c9a",
        file_size: "199160",
        duration: "6315",
        display_aspect_ratio: "1.7777777777777777",
        original_frame_size: "640x480",
        file_format: "Moving image",
        poster_offset: "0:02",
        thumbnail_offset: "0:02",
        date_digitized: "2015-12-31",
        structure: structure xml,
        captions: captions text from vtt or srt file,
        captions_type: 'text/vtt' (or 'text/srt')
        workflow_name: "avalon",
        percent_complete: "100.0",
        percent_succeeded: "100.0",
        percent_failed: "0",
        status_code: "COMPLETED",
	    other_identifier: "40000000045312",
        structure: "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\n<!-- Music for Piano; -->\n<Item label=\"CD 1\">\n    <Div label=\"Copland, Three Piano Excerpts from Our Town\">\n        <Span label=\"Track 1. Story of Our Town\" begin=\"0\" end=\"0:09.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 2. Conversation at the Soda Fountain\" begin=\"0:10\" end=\"0:19.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 3. The Resting Place on the Hill\" begin=\"0:20\" end=\"0:29.99\"/>\n    </Div>\n    <Div label=\"Copland, Four Episodes from Rodeo\">\n        <Span label=\"Track 4. Buckaroo Holiday\" begin=\"0:30\" end=\"0:39.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 5. Corral Nocturne\" begin=\"0:40\" end=\"0:49.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 6. Saturday Night Waltz\" begin=\"0:50\" end=\"0:59.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 7. Hoe-Down\" begin=\"1:00\" end=\"1:09.99\"/>\n    </Div>\n    <Span label=\"Track 8. Copland, Piano Variations \" begin=\"1:10\" end=\"1:19.99\"/>\n    <Div label=\"Copland, Four Piano Blues\">\n        <Span label=\"Track 9. For Leo Smit: Freely poetic\" begin=\"1:20\" end=\"1:29.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 10. For Andor Foldes: Soft and languid\" begin=\"1:30\" end=\"1:39.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 11. For Willian Kapell: Muted and sensuous\" begin=\"1:40\" end=\"1:49.99\"/>\n        <Span label=\"Track 12. For John Kirkpatrick: WIth bounce\" begin=\"1:50\" end=\"1:59.99\"/>\n    </Div>\n    <Span label=\"Track 13. Copland, Danzon Cubano\" begin=\"2:00\" end=\"2:30\"/>\n</Item>\n",
  "captions" => "WEBVTT FILE\r\n\r\n1\r\n00:00:03.500 --> 00:00:05.000 D:vertical A:start\r\nEveryone wants the most from life\r\n\r\n2\r\n00:00:06.000 --> 00:00:09.000 A:start\r\nLike internet experiences that are rich <b>and</b> entertaining\r\n\r\n3\r\n00:00:11.000 --> 00:00:14.000 A:end\r\nPhone conversations where people truly <c.highlight>connect</c>\r\n\r\n4\r\n00:00:14.500 --> 00:00:18.000\r\nYour favourite TV programmes ready to watch at the touch of a button\r\n\r\n5\r\n00:00:19.000 --> 00:00:24.000\r\nWhich is why we are bringing TV, internet and phone together in <c.highlight>one</c> super package\r\n\r\n6\r\n00:00:24.500 --> 00:00:26.000\r\n<c.highlight>One</c> simple way to get everything\r\n\r\n7\r\n00:00:26.500 --> 00:00:27.500 L:12%\r\nUPC\r\n\r\n8\r\n00:00:28.000 --> 00:00:30.000 L:75%\r\nSimply for <u>everyone</u>"

:import_bib_record – boolean. If true, fields must include value for :bibliographic_id and may include value from controlled vocabulary for :bibliographic_id_label)