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Slides from the training: 

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New Journal Toolkit (for new journals only) Preview

Journal Management

  1. Managing the Queue and Tasks

  2. Submission Dashboard
  3. Reviewing Submissions
  4. Copyediting

  5. Move to Production
  6. Publishing an Issue
  7. Statistics

Website Settings

  1. Journal Website: Appearance Guidelines
  2. Setup: Information, Navigation Menus, Announcements

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Click to EnlargeImage Added


  1. Back Issues
  2. Future Issues

Author Submission Guide

Includes instructions on how to register for a journal and request roles.

Author Dashboard 

This is what authors see during the rest of the editorial workflow.

Reviewer Dashboard

This is what reviewers see during the editorial workflow.

Editorial Workflow Settings

If you wish to skip the editorial workflow of OJS 3 and publish completed articles immediately, check out our guide on the QuickSubmit Plugin.

  1. Sections
  2. ComponentsSubmission Guidelines
    1. Submission
    1. Metadata
    2. Author GuidelinesComponents
    3. Submission Preparation Checklist
    4. Submission Metadata
    5. Privacy Statement
    1. Set Review Deadlines
    2. Email Reminders
    3. Competing Interests Policy
    4. Review GuidelinesAuthor Guidelines/Copyright Notice
  3. Review
    1. Setup
    2. Reviewer Guidance
    3. Review Forms
  4. Editing a Review Form
  5. Publisher Library
  6. Emails

Users & Roles

  1. Users
  2. Roles
    1. Editing Roles
  3. Site Access Options
Website Settings

  • Appearance
  • Information
  • Languages
  • Announcements
  • Navigation Menus

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