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1. Sections

The "Sections" tab is actually located under Journal Settings, and allows you to create sections for your journal. 

2. Components

The "Components" tab allows users to edit, order, and add components to articles for your journal, many of which will depend on the discipline and desired structure of the journal. 


3Submission Guidelines

Under the "Submission" tab of Workflow Settings, users can edit the Author Guidelines, Submission Preparation Checklist, Submission Metadata, enable notification for submissions, and craft a Privacy Statement.



The "Review" tab includes the ability to create and edit Review Forms as well as edit Review Deadlines, Automated Email Reminders, Review Guidelines, Reviewer Access, Reviewer Options, and craft a Competing Interests Statement. 


5Publisher Library

The "Publisher Library" tab provides the journal manager with a space to store files relevant to journal upkeep and policy for easy use and sharing



The "Emails" tab allows the user to edit the various emails going out to different users, reviewers, and submitters, including the email Signature, Bounce Address, and various Prepared Email Templates. 

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