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cd ~
git clone git://
cd avalon
git checkout master #make sure you are in the master branch (should be by default)
su - root
chown avalon:avalon /var/www/avalon/public/
su - avalon
mv public/* /var/www/avalon/public/
rmdir public
mv  * /var/www/avalon/

Configure Avalon 


titleNew Config gem

As of 6.3, Avalon is using the flexible and increasingly


popular Config gem. Default settings for Avalon


now live at config/settings.yml, which should not be altered. Any custom config should be placed in config/settings/<environment>.local.yml which will selectively override the default values.

Properly formatted environment variables can also override Avalon settings. For example, SETTINGS__REDIS__HOST will override


A list of config values can be found at Configuration Files#config/settings.yml


If using vim with default settings and pasting the the code below, it will automatically comment out the last line. To prevent that, enable paste using the command :set paste and then use just ctrl+shift+v instead of going into insert mode.