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  • Processing Flagged Items in BRITE

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  • Not Eligible
    • Check for incorrect fields:
      1. Year = 2018
      2. Campus = Bloomington
      3. Contribution Type = Journal Article
      4. Current Status = Published OR Accepted
      5. Submitted Prior to Opt Out? = No
      6. Opt Out? = No
    • If any of the above fields are WRONG, delete the item. Comment with the relevant error.
    • If any of the above fields are BLANK, research item to find answer and determine eligibility.
  • No ISSN
    • Check the journal website
    • Check UlrichsWeb to find the ISSN. If a journal has an "Unlock" icon to the right of its title, it is open access (see below for example). 
    • Check the ISSN Portal: (make sure you are logged in through IU!)
  • OA DOI Issue
    • Check the OADOI interface
      • Is there a Creative Commons license?
      • Is it a repository?
      • What version is it?
    • Check journal/article website
      • Does the journal have an OA or copyright policy?
      • Is the article under a CC license?
  • SHERPA/RoMEO Restriction
    • Check SHERPA/RoMEO JSON for relevant info- may need to contact publishers for permission, requires editing email template
  • Duplicate
    •  Comment "duplicate", delete
  • Law Reviews