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production server on redbud, dev server on chestnut.  Fedora Repository Deployment Overview gives a good overview for how those services are deployed. 


The SRW (Search & Retrieve Web Service) is URL-based system for communication between information retrieval systems which is built using common web development tools (SOAP). URLs to access Fedora via SRW is at: .  CQL (Contextual Query Language) is the query language used by SRU.  For more details, please check SRU .

A full query looks like this:,,0,,lowValue


Fedora disseminators is an "add-on methods". A named set of additional methods that are available for a Fedora object. A disseminator binds the object to a particular behavior definition and behavior mechanism. It specifies which datastreams are sent to the behavior mechanism to satisfy the user's request. Standard disseminators page gives more detailed information about fedora 3 disseminatiors.


The fedora index service is running on redbud: /srv/tomcat-other/. Please check here for more details.

Fedora Research Index

Another way to query fedora is through fedora resource index at . 

For how to construct the query, you can find some example from Fedora Resource Index .


Hpss-webapp is a web application for accessing master files/images in HPSS (SDA) using the Archiver. The application is running on redbud tomcat-other. You also can visit this url ( ) .