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  1. Turn on the Epson 4990 Photo scanner and make sure that the USB cable is connected to the workstation. 

  2. Open the Epson Scan software by clicking the icon on the workstation desktop or taskbar

    If you have forgotten to turn on the scanner or connect it to your workstation, you'll receive an error message:

    Image Added

  3. Make sure the Epson Scan software is in 'Professional Mode'

  4. Place the object on the scanner bed and close the top.  If the object is thick enough so that the top will not close, place a large, white piece of cardboard (should be near the scanner or on the bookshelf in the BDPL) on top of the object and scanner glass.

  5. Each time you scan a new format of media, perform a Preview scan so that you can appropriately crop the image. If this is the first scan or you have switched to a new media type, click the 'Preview' button

  6. A Preview window will open; use the cursor to draw a box around the storage media.  The Epson scanner will only capture this area in the scan.

  7. Once the image is appropriately cropped, click the 'Scan' button.

  8. A 'File Save Settings' window will open. 

  9. Set the destination for the appropriate collecting unit folder.  In the 'Location' section, choose the 'Other' option and then click the 'Browse' button.  A dialog box will open; navigate to Z:\media-images and click 'OK' once you've selected the appropriate collecting unit's folder.

  10. In the file name section, copy and paste the barcode value; make sure it has a '-' (hyphen) at the end (i.e., 30000152011791-).  Set the 'Start Number' to '001'.

    NOTE: unfortunately, you cannot enter the value with the barcode scanner, as this will include a carriage return ('Enter') and cause the scanner to immediately start.  Instead, copy and paste from the BDPL Ingest Tool interface or from the item barcode folder name.

  11. Address the final settings and then click 'OK' to scan the media.
    1. Uncheck the box "Overwrite any files with the same name"
    2. Check the box "Show this dialog box before next scan"
    3. Uncheck the box "Open image folder after scanning"

  12. Take any additional scans of the media, case, and or enclosures by clicking 'Scan' and then 'OK'.  The Epson Scan software will automatically increase the numbered suffix for the files.