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The visual structural metadata editor uses a waveform visualization of the section audio to aid in the quick creation of navigational structure.

Launching the Editor

On the an item's edit view, select the Structure tab, click the + under Structure to open the structure options, then click Edit Structure.

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Areas of the Editor

Waveform Views

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Upper Waveform View

Contains a detailed view of a portion of the audio and is where interactive editing occurs. Click to set the playhead position, and click and drag horizontally to move the current viewable range of time forward and backward.

Lower Waveform View

This contains a waveform representation of the entire length of the recording. The area viewable in the top waveform view is represented by a gray rectangle. Click or click and drag to change the current view of the waveform data.

Playback Panel

Press the play/pause button to begin playing from the playhead position, or adjust the audio.

Zoom in/out Buttons

Click to increase or decrease the amount of time shown in the upper waveform view

Structure View

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Creating and Editing Structure

Quickly matching a range of time that corresponds to a meaningful segment of content within your audio file, such as a single song within a longer recording, movements of a classical piece, etc.