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Contains a detailed view of a portion of the audio and is where interactive editing occurs. Click to set the playhead position, and click and drag horizontally to move the current viewable range of time forward and backward. In both waveform views, existing structural ranges will be represented as alternating green colors, with gray representing a lack of structure.

Lower Waveform View

This contains a waveform representation of the entire length of the recording. The area viewable in the top waveform view is represented by a gray rectangle. Click or click and drag to change the current view of the waveform data.


Click to increase or decrease the amount of time shown in the upper waveform view

Structure View

This displays each element of navigational structure that has been created. Nesting of the the headings and timespans are represented by indentation.

Creating and Editing Structure

Quickly matching a range of time that corresponds to a meaningful segment of content within your audio file, such as a single song within a longer recording, movements of a classical piece, etc.

The editor will open in a modal window overlaying the rest of the page.

The elements are:

top waveform view

This represents, contains the

bottom waveform view

shows the entire length of the recording

Each heading and section will be represented by a block. Indents indicate nesting in the hierarchy

Headings are labels.

Timespans are labeled ranges of time that turn into hyperlinks in the

click the edit button to change the label, time information



Add a Heading

Click the Add a Heading button to create a new heading. Enter a title and the parent node of the heading element.

Add a Timespan

Click the Add a Timespan button to create a new timespan. While creating or editing a timespan, handles will appear around the time range selected, and you may click and drag these to dynamically change the begin and end times of the range. Note that timespans cannot contain other timespans in the structure hierarchy.

Editing and Deleting

Three different types of buttons will display next to each structure element.

Image Added

Reorder (Circle Icon)

Click to enable a drag and drop interface for reordering sections. Click again to exit reorder mode.

Edit (Pencil Icon)

Click to edit label (for headings and timespans) and time range (for timespans only). Click Save once finished to complete. When editing a timespan, handles will appear in the upper waveform that can be clicked and dragged to dynamically change the begin and end time of the range without requiring them to be hand-entered.

Delete (Trash Can Icon)

Click to delete a structure element.

Please note that the editor works video as well as audio. However, there will be no representation of video information, only audio, when using this editor.