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  3. Adding Additional Items to the Review Form

This is a walk-through of the process of adding items to a review form.

Editing a Review Form
Editing a Review Form

Editing a Review Form

After creating a review form, you should be able to see the new review form listed in the "Review Forms" box. By selecting the blue arrow to the right of the form's title, you will get a dropdown menu with the option to copy, preview, delete, and most importantly, edit your new review form. Select the "Edit" option in order to complete your review form.


After you complete and save your item, you will be able to see it in the "Form items" tab. The "Preview Form" tab allows you to see the form as it will appear to your reviewers.

Adding additional items Additional Items to the review formReview Form

To add a second question, go back to the "Form Items" tab and select "Create New Item". Enter your question in the "Item" text box and select "Drop-down box" this time.