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  • Tool ID: dlib_face_recognition
  • Dependencies
    • python 3
    • dlib
    • opencv
    • face_recognition
  •  Inputs
    • input_video: input video file for facial recognition
    • training_photos: absolute path of a zip file with subdirectories each named after a person containing his/her photos
    • reuse_trained: Flag indicating whether or not to reuse previous training results from the same training photos if exist
    • tolerance: tolerance level when matching faces, a lower value means stricter match
  • Outputs
    • amp_faces:AMP Faces Recognized
    • <supplement_file>.frt under the same directory as supplement_file>.zip: training results binary file with trained known faces name and encoding


  • Install dependencies:
    • pip3 install --user dlib
    • pip3 install --user face_recognition
    • pip3 install --user opencv-python
  • Run FR MGM on command line:
    • root_dir input_video training_photos reuse_trained tolerance amp_faces
  • Run FR MGM in Galaxy as single tool or in a workflow